Just the Facts

What does the Case Foundation do?

The Case Foundation is focused on expanding giving, promoting everyday philanthropy, deepening civic engagement, and broadening the use of new technologies to make giving more informed, efficient, and effective. Our goal is to expand the definition and practice of giving, and to help inspire a culture in which opportunities to give are everywhere, philanthropy is “democratized,” giving is more informed, every sector has a role to play, and giving in all its forms is more meaningful and enjoyable than ever.

How did the foundation get started?

Following their successful business careers and the founding of AOL, Steve and Jean Case established the Case Foundation in 1997 to “assist youth and families through initiatives such as technology, education, healthcare, youth development, and community development.”

Who does the foundation fund?

The Case Foundation invests its resources in specific projects and initiatives that complement its approach to philanthropy. Our grants and staff time are focused on partnerships that we develop proactively with nonprofits, businesses, and other foundations. We do not review or consider unsolicited proposals.

Who are the foundation’s partners?

The Case Foundation recognizes that every sector has a role to play and assets to contribute, and that public-private partnerships can create powerful results. Accordingly, the foundation works with nonprofits, other foundations, faith-based organizations, business, government, and individuals. Some of these entities are considered strategic partners, as they are aligned with our key goals, and often support the same projects and organizations that we do. We also work with like-minded nonprofit and for-profit organizations on specific campaigns, typically in a marketing or promotional capacity. Additionally, we offer expertise, funding, and other resources to national and international organizations whose missions and endeavors we support.

What are some of the foundation's key initiatives?

The Case Foundation has always believed in supporting the expansion of giving and civic engagement. To that end, the foundation’s initiatives are focused on making philanthropy more democratic by engaging individuals in innovative approaches to supporting the causes they care about. Some recent examples include:

  • The Make It Your Own Awards – an online grants program challenging individuals to connect, innovate, and activate their communities
  • The 2007-2008 and 2009 America's Giving Challenges – competitions that enabled individuals and nonprofits to easily leverage their online and offline networks to increase awareness, attract new donors, and encourage people to get involved with causes they care about.
  • Social Citizens – a discussion about the potential impact of the Millennial Generation on the civic landscape