Our Story

Jean and Steve Case photoHello, and thank you for your interest in the Case Foundation!

We established the Case Foundation in 1997 to reflect our family's commitment to giving back and have sought to leverage our investment capital, broad network of passionate people, and our own experience to accomplish a simple mission: invest in people and ideas that can change the world.

We’ve been involved in the Internet industry since the early 1980s, when we both moved to the Washington, D.C. area to play a part in the online revolution, and subsequently were part of building AOL into the leading online brand in the 1990s. Naturally, since launching the Case Foundation, we have consistently sought to tap the power of the Internet and technology to transform the social sector.

The Case Foundation has led a series of innovative and collaborative initiatives that aim to leverage new technologies to empower and engage citizens in the U.S. and around the globe. Through partnerships with hundreds of nonprofits, private sector and corporate partners, as well as the public sector, these efforts have helped to expand the role of individuals in philanthropy and in giving back to their communities.

Recent examples of our efforts to expand the role of citizen-centered philanthropy and experimentation with new technologies, such as social media, include America’s Giving Challenge, an online competition conducted in partnership with PARADE and Causes that engaged tens of thousands of Americans to get involved with causes they care about. In 2007, the Make It Your Own Awards called on citizens to connect with others, form solutions and take action on community issues.

The Case Foundation has long believed it is better to focus its efforts on a small number of "big ideas" - focusing on a handful of swing-for-the-fences ideas that have transformative potential. While many of the "big ideas" we have invested in at the Foundation vary in focus, they all are built upon a foundation of leadership, collaboration and entrepreneurship and provide opportunities for meaningful scale and sustainable impact.

We’ve learned many valuable lessons through our work at the Case Foundation as we’ve transitioned from a pure corporate focus in our careers to the philanthropic world, and we still believe there are new lessons to be learned every day. That's why we’re so committed to their mission of investing in people and ideas that can change the world.

Best regards,
Jean & Steve Case