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This year, the Case Foundation celebrated our 15th anniversary, and to honor that, we have collected a list of 15 things our team is thankful for this Thanksgiving holiday. Some are serious, some are just for fun…but we’re equally grateful for them all.

1. New colleagues - welcome Alana, Cara, Jade, Sarah, Sean, and Sonal!

2. All of the nearly 1,200 inspiring nominees for Finding Fearless – thank you for helping to create change in your communities and around the world.

3. Spoken words of encouragement. Whether a voicemail, text, tweet, Facebook post, email or a sincere hug – online or IRL.

4. A team that is fun, flexible, and fearless.

5. Pinkberry-fueled birthday celebrations.

6. New partners like Microsoft, REI, TEDxMidAtlantic, Startup Weekend, Pencils of Promise, Giving Tuesday, and Born This Way Foundation, to bring in a fresh perspective, new communities, and an opportunity to challenge ourselves to reach beyond our bubble. Of course it goes without saying that we are incredibly thankful for ALL of our amazing partners who have been a part of our efforts over the last 15 years!

7. Staff retreats that include laser tag, frozen custard, and bonding over a delicious dinner.

8. The opportunity to be a part of events that bring together incredible people from a variety of sectors like the Collaborative Innovation Summit on Public Sector Prizes, MCON 2012, TEDxMidAtlantic: Be Fearless, and a Giving Pledge learning session on social media for social good.

9. The more than 16,000 people who have signed the pledge to Be Fearless. We’re so glad you’re ready to take risks, be bold, and fail forward with us!

10. Another chance to go #GoodSpotting. Get your phones ready to snap a pic of someone doing good, starting on December 3!

11. Three sets of fabulous interns that have helped us so much – we hope you’ve had a great time!

12. Our community members on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram…all 718,000 of you!

13. The thousands of dedicated and courageous veterans and active military members who serve and protect our country, and organizations like Give an Hour, IAVA, and The Mission Continues that support them.

14. “Thankful for the ability to keep moving fwd through the challenges of adversity in order to prosper, discover and enlighten.” – Twitter follower @ellechicago

15. “Thankful for the incredible sharing of information, insights and inspiration that happens on Facebook and other social networks.” – Facebook community member SocioVisual Creative Communications

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