Over the Edge
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While out casting our net to find fearless changemakers and organizations, a good friend of mine told me about her organization’s effort to take the term "be fearless" quite literally by sending Miami residents rapelling over the edge. This weekend, The Miami Children’s initiative is partnering with Over the Edge to offer fearless individuals a once in a lifetime opportunity to rappel over the edge of a 19-story Miami hotel. Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos A. Gimenez, State Senator Rene Garcia, and Miami Children’s Trust CEO Modesto Abety (my friend’s loyal husband) are among the many that will be lining up to take fearless changemaking to new heights!

The Miami Children’s Initiative has stepped up to become a support system for the children and families of the Liberty City community in South Florida. This once thriving and fruitful community has had bouts with poverty, violence, and unemployment. While many others would have looked away at the challenge to take steps to bring this promising neighborhood back to its full potential, the Miami children’s Initiative took a bold, fearless step in becoming a support system and spark plug for this community. The organization, which is modeled after the acclaimed Harlem Children’s Zone, has certainly reached beyond its bubble by partnering with residents, kids, houses of worship, government, business and nonprofits, to obtain its bold goal of creating a prosperous community where the potential of each child can be unleashed.

The Miami Children’s Initiative is fearlessly attacking social challenges, fearlessly experimenting with new fundraising models, and fearlessly taking the city over the edge – and we applaud them every step of the way! With that, I want to know a couple things: 

1. If given the opportunity to repel over tehedge of a 19 story building for a good cause, would you do it? Most Case colleagues said they would. Sadly, I’m too much of a chicken and will just have to write a check to all my fearless friends.

2. We are always on the lookout for stories just like this, where people have had the courage and drive to embody fearlessness. If your organization is being fearless in its approach to effect change and embracing experimental (and maybe fearless) fundraising models too, let us know!

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