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In our journey to Be Fearless and champion a fearless approach to tackling social challenges, the Case Foundation team will spotlight leading changemakers across sectors that have embraced fearlessness. Our spotlights will provide personal accounts of why these changemakers adopted a fearless approach, how they overcame hurdles, and how taking risks, being bold, and failing forward led to quicker results and deeper impact.

We begin our Fearless Focus series with Scott Case, CEO of Startup America Partnership, and former CEO of Malaria No More and co-founder of Priceline. From setting big goals to end malaria deaths by 2015 and adding a dose of humor to a serious health issue, to taking inspiration from the entrepreneurs Startup America supports, Scott Case prides himself on not letting fear stand in the way.

You can watch Scott's answers to our questions in the video above, or share each segment individually:

Learn more about Scott Case here. Read more about Be Fearless Campaign. Know someone that we should spotlight for Fearless Focus? Let us know here in the comments or tell us on twitter @casefoundation using #befearless.


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