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Candy and flowers, teddy bears and candlelight dinners aside, Valentine’s Day is really about showing the people in your life how much you love them. Whether you keep it simple or go to the extreme, it feels good to make someone else feel good on this day - and every day, right?

For the second year in a row, some great folks from the Acumen Fund, Fast Company, and Network For Good are taking Valentine’s Day to the next level, but by taking it down a notch and focusing on the simple things — forging connections with the people all around you on February 14 — including complete strangers – by saying YES to every opportunity to be kind, help out, or make someone happy…under a new name for the day, Generosity Day.

Katya Andresen of Network For Good says Generosity Day is about “rebooting Valentine’s Day” because the roses and chocolates aren’t enough – people want something more real.

We love this idea because it reminds us of our #GoodSpotting campaign —  a perfect opportunity to revive some of those moments! For instance, you could do something nice for a coworker, make a donation to a nonprofit, tell your friend how much he/she means to you, or leave an unsuspecting stranger a note. The options are endless — but you can get some ideas from the Generosity Day campaign on Causes, and in this video below. Go forth and be generous; love and be loved!

P.S. Learn how Generosity Day came about in Sacha Dichter’s TED talk about The Generosity Experiment.


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