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Fellows Friday is a weekly series on the TED Blog that profiles one TED Fellow each week. We have asked the Fellows to answer our question below to share their knowledge and advice with other social entrepreneurs, innovators, and changemakers who are coming up with big ideas that can change the world.

With her boundless energy and playful spirit, Jen Indovina is making that most boring of environmental imperatives - energy efficiency - sexy and fun. Her invention, the PICOwatt, enables smartphone users to control the energy use in their home or office from anywhere in the world.

Sokunthea: There are many aspiring social entrepreneurs out there who are trying to take their passion and ideas to the next level. What is one piece of advice you would give to them based on your own experiences and successes?

Jen: Don’t take yourself too seriously. Have fun, you know? I think social entrepreneurs really carry a lot of weight and gravity around with them.

I do it sometimes. I catch myself going, “I’m changing the way the world consumes energy. Dun-dun-dunnnn!” And then I have to remind myself, “Jennifer, you’re ridiculous, get back to work. Relax.”

If you’re doing what you love, you’re going to be good at it, no matter what. If you’re a social entrepreneur and you’re doing your thing, you already know to follow your passion, you know you have to find meaningful partners, and you know you need to ignore naysayers.

So just remember not to take yourself too seriously.

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