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Here at the Case Foundation, we really believe in experimenting and sharing our learnings – whether they be our programs, like the Make It Your Own Awards, or features and functions of our website. We whole-heartedly embrace social media tools and are in the infant stages of our blog and integrating other tools like Twitter and FriendFeed into our web presence. As we’re adopting these tools and have many questions we’re working though, we want to share our thoughts and get yours in return.

Twitter seems to be the hot topic in everyone’s blogs these days. One question in particular we’ve been asking ourselves and others is – when should we tweet versus writing a blog post? It seems like every blogger (and Twitter user) has their own recipe for when and how to use each tool, and here is what we’ve decided.

Our Director of Interactive Experience, Nemo Nox, who has been blogging since 1998 (yes, blogging existed then) offers this approach:

Twitter is great for 'other stuff.' Have a link to share but don't want to write a blog post for it? Tweet it. Have a thought to share, a question to ask, a tip to offer, but they are just a sentence long and wouldn't be enough for a blog post? Tweet them. Attending an event and reporting live? Tweet it.

There are so many posts and articles out there with suggestions, tips and advice on how to use Twitter. Here are some of my favorites. Feel free to add to the list!

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