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This Tuesday, June 12, the Case Foundation will co-host our second White House conference on the use of prizes and open competitions to spur innovation in the federal government—and we want you to have a front row seat! The conference, “Collaborative Innovation: Public Sector Prizes,” is a one-day cross-sector learning and strategy session we’re presenting with our friends at the Joyce Foundation in partnership the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and the new NASA Center of Excellence for Collaborative Innovation.

Like our first conference in 2010, we will gather hundreds of federal employees with their colleagues from the private sector to discuss opportunities, challenges, and innovative strategies—and this time we’re excited to think about how new public-private partnerships can take these models even further and help both sectors reach shared societal goals more quickly. Dynamic and renowned speakers will enlighten and inspire, including US CTO Todd Park, Karim Lakhani from Harvard, Lisa Kennedy from GE Healthymaginations, NASA colleagues and many more. And, participants will roll up their sleeves, not only learning but sharing lessons from dozens of successful experiments in the past couple years.

Since our first meeting in 2010, the Obama Administration has amped up efforts to fuel the use of prizes across the federal government, such as launching challenge.gov, a one-stop prize shop for federal agencies and providing clear authority and legal guidance in the COMPETES act. And the private sector has also lent a hand, including our Joyce Foundation colleagues that have funded a White House fellow to coordinate the work across the federal government. The results are astounding—more than 150 prizes have been launched by over 40 agencies, adding up to tens of millions of dollars and addressing a wide array of issues such as forecasting solar outbursts, halting fleeing cars, increasing fuel efficiency and scores of mobile apps that make life and delivering critical information easier and quicker.

So, how can you have a front row seat? First, we will be livestreaming in-depth interviews with featured speakers from across sectors. Click here to see the agenda and register to get a reminder to tune in. We will also be tweeting up a storm using the hashtag #PublicPrizes. Please tweet comments and questions, and retweet comments from the livestream, and some lucky tweeters will have a chance to win some pretty cool NASA swag—no, it’s not a space shuttle, those have all been distributed!

In 2010 when we hosted this conference, we were most excited about continuing efforts to spark civic engagement in new ways—to make democracy more democratic. We continue to have that excitement as we watch federal agencies use prizes to become closer to constituents, break through silos and ivory towers to elicit innovative ideas from everyday folks and untapped experts alike and bypass broken or old solution-seeking models that have not kept up with the rapid pace of breakthroughs and ever-growing challenges. Together, let's champion and join our fearless partners in government who are blazing new trails and changing the world in the process. 

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